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Hydraulic diaphragm pump

A high pressure hydraulic diaphragm pump having a pressure chamber on one side of a diaphragm and a fluid delivery chamber on the other side of the diaphragm with a reciprocating piston assembly including a piston member being provided for pressurizing the hydraulic fluid in the pressure chamber and having the pressure chamber connected with a pressure regulator which maintains the desired discharge pressure of the fluid and in which the piston assembly is combined with a diaphragm positioning mechanism for maintaining the diaphragm at a desired position relative to the piston member so as to assure full stroke of the diaphragm during normal operation of the pump.  A high pressure diaphragm pump for use in delivering a pressurized incompressible fluid to a fluid outlet line, said pump having a housing supporting a diaphragm with a delivery chamber for said incompressible fluid on one side of said diaphragm and a pressure chamber filled with hydraulic fluid on the other side of said diaphragm, said delivery chamber adapted to be connected to a source of said incompressible fluid by a first check valve and adapted to be connected to said outlet line through a second check valve for providing pressurized incompressible fluid to said outlet line, said pump housing having a reservoir for said hydraulic fluid for supplying said hydraulic fluid to said pressure chamber, a piston assembly in said housing and being located between said reservoir and said pressure chamber, said piston assembly having a piston member connected by a retainer to said diaphragm and adapted to be reciprocated to thereby cause said hydraulic fluid in said pressure chamber to act against said diaphragm for pressurizing said incompressible fluid in said delivery chamber for delivery through said second check valve to said outlet line at a predetermined pressure, said housing having a depression formed therein defined by a conical surface and serving as a portion of said pressure chamber, said retainer of said diaphragm being located in said depression adjacent said conical surface and adapted to contact said conical surface to stop movement thereof only when said pump is not operating and the pressure in said delivery chamber exceeds the pressure in said pressure chamber, said piston member being a part of a diaphragm positioning mechanism for maintaining said retainer spaced from said conical surface during normal operation of said pump, and a pressure regulator provided in said housing between said pressure chamber and said reservoir, said pressure regulator including a valve having opposed ends, said pressure regulator having a fluid chamber at one end of said opposed ends including means for biasing said valve in one direction, said housing having a first passage for connecting said fluid chamber with said hydraulic fluid in said reservoir and having a second passage for continuously connecting said pressure chamber with the other end of said opposed ends, said housing having a third passage adapted for connecting said pressure chamber with said reservoir under certain conditions, the arrangement being such that when said pressure in said pressure chamber is at or below said predetermine pressure said valve is in a first position to close said third passage and when said pressure in said pressure chamber exceeds said predetermined pressure said valve is moved to a second position against the bias of the fluid and said means in said fluid chamber so as to cause the fluid in the pressure chamber to flow via said first passage and said third passage to said reservoir, said first passage being substantially smaller in size than said third passage so that quick movement of said valve is resisted by the hydraulic fluid in said fluid chamber as said valve moves from said first position to said second position.

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